• Sarah Dann

Moon Dough

Playdough is great, however, what about those little ones who are gluten intolerant? We don't want to let them miss out on this fun sensory activity.

The solution? Moon Dough.

This can be created with gluten-free flour and just as the name suggests, it will be just as exciting as play-dough.

This requires no cooking, so your little one can be involved in every step!

Get the cutters at the ready and prepare for one small instruction step for the child, one giant leap for their development!

Areas of development this will promote:

* Fine Motor Skills

* Hand and Eye Coordination

* Imagination

* Creativity

If this activity is enjoyed in a group, such as with siblings, then language can be developed, alongside social and emotional areas of development too.

It really is a win-win activity!

I would do this activity outside and in a roasting tray to minimize the amount of cleaning up to do afterward - then its a win for you too!

All that you need is Flour (or Gluten-Free Flour) and Baby Oil. Baby Oil makes the moon dough smell wonderful, but you can add essences such as lavender to make it more relaxing and therapeutic.

The ratio is 4 cups of Flour: 1/2 cup Baby Oil

Mix with your hands either in the tray or in a bowl and then transfer to the tray, add more baby oil until you get the consistency you require.

We loved crumbling it all up and then squishing it flat to make lots of fun shapes with our cutters.

You can also add food dye to make different colors!

Store in an airtight container.

Happy Moon Dough Making :)

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