• Sarah Dann

Fast as Lightning

A mum of two little boys aged three & four said they LOVED the movie Sonic the Hedgehog. So they have challenged me to create an activity around this.

Challenge accepted and this is for you boys!

I thought back to playing the game as a child. I wanted her boys to be able to pretend they are sonic, and dash around outside trying to find the gold rings as quick as they could.

For those who are not little blue hedgehog lovers, this activity can easily be adapted to any other of your child's favorite character very easily.

Start off by dawing rings on cardboard. Cut out and decorate, the more rings - the more fun!

Make the head piece by stapling two strips of card into a circle that will fit your child's head circumference, then paint. Don't forget the ears :)

Next, head outside and hide the rings high and low, ready to be collected up!

Happy Searching!

Keep the challenges coming!

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