• Sarah Dann

Making Crayons

How often do those little crayons break in our hands, or we use them so much only little stubs remain. Then all that is left is simply too hard for us to use.

Could it be, you have boxes of used crayons from an older child, but they are too small for the newest member of your family. This activity allows you recycle old broken crayons into bigger, chunkier crayons for them to use.

Or maybe you just have a whole container of odd crayons that you want to give a new life to.

In addition to making new crayons, this can be a great color sorting activity for children, or they can simply create rainbow crayons with a whole mix of colors!


First pre-heat oven to 150F / 65C. Or the lowest setting of your oven.

Gather up all those odd bits of crayons.

Place into either a non stick cupcake tin or of you have fun silicon molds, that are heat proof, use these to create new and exciting shapes.

Ask your child to fill the tin with crayons.

Heat for approximatly 15-20 mins, or until all the crayons have melted.

It will look like this.

Let it cool completely.

Once cool, turn the tray upside down and the crayons will fall out easily.

You now have beautiful new crayons for your little ones to create new art work!

Happy Coloring!

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