• Sarah Dann

Left Over Easter Eggs?

The Easter buzz is starting to settle down, but there still seems to be plenty of chocolate lying around.

While we don't want to stop the children enjoying their Easter treats, I don't think I'm alone when I think it would be good for the children to eat a little bit more fruit with all that chocolate?

What about combing them both?

A great activity for little fingers is to dip fruit into the melted chocolate.

However something I love to do with kiddos is make chocolate bowls. They are fun, and make a spectacular desert to look at.

All you need for this is: latex balloons, chocolate and grease proof paper.


Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Let the chocolate cool slightly, if its too hot, the balloons will pop and you will have a chocolate explosion in your kitchen!

Once chocolate has been cooled, but not so much that it has started to congeal once again (just a few minutes).

Dip the balloons into the chocolate and make sure there is an even coverage on the bottom half of the balloon.

Place on grease proof paper and leave to cool.

When the chocolate is hard, pierce a small hole in the balloon and the balloon will slowly deflate, leaving you with a delicious chocolate bowl!

All that is left is to fill with a selection of tasty fruits!


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