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Dinosaur Pencil Holder

Is it not incredible to think that dinosaurs walked this Earth 165 to 177 million years? We have only been here around 6 million years.

Just the sheer size of some of the dinosaurs like the diplodocus, I truly find myself in awe.

We started Earth week with Volcanoes, but without a doubt, it's time to celebrate the dinosaurs!

So lets reuse those toilet rolls and other recyclable pieces of card, and let your child create a friendly green dinosaur pencil holder.

Here is my new desk companion Dino :)

As you can see, this an easily adaptable activity, but as always, here are a few tips.

* Ensure you glue or tape your toilet roll to a base, to allow it to stand up, and the pencils not to fall through.

* I used a paper straw to form the spikes on the back, but you can simply cut out card to the same shape. Or even add a tail? * For the mouth I cut out a semi-oval and glued a piece of white card underneath and cut out 'teeth'. Then simply trim the sides.

* Arms are just glued on. However, you can use split pins to enable your Dino's arms to move.

* Don't forget feet :)

*Eyes are simply more recycled card cut out and stuck on.

Fun Fact:

The word dinosaur comes from the Greek and means terrible lizard!

Happy Dino Making :)

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