• Sarah Dann

Relaxing Playdough

This is one for all.

This is for the little babies looking for sensory play, for the toddlers with busy hands, and all those kiddos who love things scented; markers, erasers, pencils etc.

It's for adults too. With stress and anxiety slowly increasing, I wanted to bring you all something to help us restore some inner peace.

Playdough, whether you mold it, cut it, shape it, or simply squeeze between your fingers provides countless opportunities for holistic development. Today we will be making our own playdough, but with a twist! By adding scents such as lavender, providing the playdough with a beautiful aroma, that aids the relaxation process.

Not forgetting also a Great muscle builder for those tiny hands!

When our little ones are tired from a long day and need some quiet time, this is a great resource to pull out, so they can sit quietly and unwind.

This is a great color mixing activity to learn about the primary colors, and what happens when we mix certain colors together.

Scents can be anything of your choosing; vanilla or cinnamon, I also love!

I have chosen this recipe because I am sure you will have all these items in your cupboards, and it is also quick & easy (Yay!).


* 1 cup of flour

* 1/4 cup of salt

* 1 Tbsp of vegetable oil

* 3/4 cup of water

* 3Tbsp Lemon juice (Juice of one lemon)

* Food Coloring

* Essential oils, extracts (such as vanilla) or seasonings- Add until you get the aroma that is attractive to you.

* Glitter (optional)

Get creative!


Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

In a saucepan combine; oil, water, lemon juice, food coloring and scents.

Heat mixture until hot, but not boiling.

Take the pan off the heat.

Slowly add the dry items to the saucepan, stirring with a spoon or rubber spatula untill it is all mixed together.

Playdough will be hot, so let it cool before giving to eager little hands.

Have a rummage through the kitchen drawers, and see if you can find some items your children can use and experiment with, to create different textures and patterns. Of course regular cutters are super fun too.. I have decided to test my pasta making skills.. Pumpkin Ravioli anyone?

Happy Friday Folks, Thank You for all your support!

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